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We help individuals live more sustainably,
And eco-businesses reach sustainably minded consumers.

How Econus (our app) works

Sustainable living for the perfectly imperfect eco-warrior

When it comes to sustainability, things like public transit and avoiding unneccesary shopping are number one. But, when those options aren’t realistic (or that sale is just too good to pass up), there’s Econus.

How it works

Graphic of a young woman recycling her waste
Purchases + Causes

Link the purchases you make with the causes you care about most

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Live your best life

Whenever Econus recognizes that you’ve made a purchase that affects your causes, we’ll Round-Up the spare change

A young woman watching spare change move from her phone to her piggy bank
Automatically donate your spare change

At the end of the month, we will automatically donate your spare change to the non-profits you’ve chosen to offset your impact!

*If you’re an eco business, you’ll be able to see how much everyone following your Persona donated that month!

It looks like this


1) Waste
2) Air Pollution
3) Sustainable Fashion


1) Food + Shopping
2) Gas + Travel
3) Clothing


1) Plastic Pollution Coalition
2) Clean Air Task Force
3) Responsibility in Fashion

In the above example (3), whenever any clothing is purchased, we donate to Responsibility in Fashion with a note asking them to use the donation to make fashion more sustainable (equal wages, improved conditions, etc)

How our marketing works

How do we afford to do your marketing for free?

We’re all about being transparent, so here’s our secret.

We also have a marketing firm called Fletch Marketing. The firm realized it would prefer to help Sustainable brands and eco-influencers exclusively. So, we created a susty mobile app and got some investors. The app, it’s called Econus, and it’s a tool to help empaths change the world.

When we help companies like yours, we ask that you check out Econus. If you do, that’s a possible new user, and the Econus investors are happy.

Their happiness means they give us more money, which subsidizes the costs of offering free marketing. Clever, eh

Download Econus today!

the true cost of consumption

Our philosophy

Creating the change you want to see in the world isn’t always about you.

You can buy green. You can recycle your paper, plastics and glass. You can do everything you’re supposed to do.

But when the majority of your recycled plastics are worth more burned into the air than as a new pair of Nike Space Hippie’s (Nike’s recycled shoe) and discreet ‘green’ marketing gimmicks are rewarded for bamboozling us at the register, it’s the system that needs to change.

With a community of eco-warriors and the theory of externalities, this is how we can do it!

Environmental & Societal Impact of externalities

From climate change to healthcare, the impacts from consumption vary widely

Visit the following pages as we use Fast Food to explore the external costs “paid for” by our environment and society

About us

According to a 2017 study, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions worldwide.

If so few, albeit large, organizations are responsible for so much of the damage we live with today, what can an individual do to make a meaningful impact?

Learn more about our approach and mission to tackling these issues!

our approach