2023 Spotify Wrapped | creating a more sustainable music industry

So you listened to 116,983 minutes of music in 2023 ( ~81 days of straight music 🤩 )? Nice work.

We won’t ask if that was 38,994 three minute songs from and-and-coming artists, or Taylor Swift’s 10-minute All Too Well played 11,698 times 😂

Did you know there are 45 million paying Spotify listeners (83 M total) in the United States (172 M paying / 381 M total worldwide). From these users, Bad Bunny‘s album “Un Verano Sin Ti” was streamed more than 4.5 billion times alone.

Music is very much alive and well.

*btw, if you haven’t checked out your 2023 Spotify Wrap yet, here’s how.

How to see your 2023 Spotify Wrapped, ‘DJ:Wrapped’, and more

Open up your Spotify app.

You’ll see “Your 2023 Wrapped” directly following your “Good afternoon” section (where all your recent plays are shown).

  • Tap the animated GIF.
  • Or you will now see Wrapped as a menu option in your Good Afternoon section (right after Audiobooks)
  • On desktop? Tap “Check it out”

2023 Spotify Wrapped on Desktop

If you’re not seeing your 2023 wrapped, simply update your mobile app, or quit / reopen your desktop app. That should fix it.


You’ll see a whole bunch of new Wrapped options here; like Your Wrapped, Your Top Songs, DJ: Wrapped (what did y’all think of the DJ feature?), Your Artist Messages, 2023 in Music, Merch for you, Live Events, and Create a Blend.

If you tap the “Your 2023 Wrapped” graphic, you’ll be shown all the wrapped stats.


If you’re on desktop, you’ll be taken to spotify.com/your-country/wrapped/ to see all your wrapped stats.

While we love the Wrap and the fact that music is such a driving force in people’s lives, it’s hard to not think about what a stream really means to the musicians.

*though these new features (Artist Messages, Merch, Live Events) could help the artists quite a bit, nice touch, Spotify

$0.007 per stream isn’t much to wrap about

female listening to her Spotify Wrapped thinking about sustainable alternatives

The hard part for us is the fact that each artist is making $0.006 – $0.0084 per stream (on the high end – we averaged that out to $0.007) per stream. It’d take just over 142 streams for that artist to make $1.

For the smaller artists, it’s hardly sustainable.

So if you’re looking to give back to the community that has given us so much, how about this:

The average Spotify premium user is paying $10.79 per month. What if they rounded up to an even $11, and used the $0.21 in spare change to support organizations like Sweet Relief who helps career musicians make ends meet, or Musicares, who provides a safety net for those in the music community.

A little goes a long way

$0.21 may not seem like a lot. But it’s 97% more than an artist is receiving per stream.

If just 1% of paying (45 M)  Spotify users donated their $0.21 spare change to a music non-profit, that’s nearly $100K in financial aid for the community making music live.

10%? That’s nearly $1,000,000 in support.

Together, it can really add up.

Listen a lot. Give a little.

So go ahead. Listen to All Too Well another 100 times before the end of the new year. Get your cry on!

But, while you’re doing it, send your change from this month’s Spotify bill to your favorite musical non-profit.

If you really want to get wild, link things like your Gas payments and Travel expenses to a non-profit like the Clean Air Task Force and your Food & Dining purchases to the Humane Farming Association.

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