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There’s a theory in economics called the Theory of Externalities. This theory states that if companies pay for all the costs involved with their production of their products, the issues we’re seeing today would be nearly non-existent. When they don’t pay for these costs, we see the results, like air pollution and waste, these are the externalities.

From this theory The Active Consumer philosophy was born. The Active Consumer recognized that us normal folk may not be able to force producers to include all costs, but we could support organizations that can, and with enough of us, real change could be made.

From that concept our mobile app, Econus, was born. Econus links your purchases to the unintended consequences of the purchase (like air pollution from a tank of gas), and donates your spare change to an organization reducing the consequences to our environment and society (like the Climate & Clean Air Coalition).

About us

Our mission

Be it the growing organics aisle at the grocery store, the frantic race to superiority in the electric car market or the hunt for the perfect plastic replacement.

It’s clear to see that conscious consumption and “voting with your dollar” truly does make a difference. It’s simple supply and demand.

But what happens when a massive corporation buys out your favorite local organic brand? What’s the point of driving an electric car if the electricity comes from petroleum? Who monitors the manufacturers of plastic alternatives to ensure they’re legit?

Here’s our thought – What if when you bought that electric car, you also donated to a non-profit working on a campaign to increase the amount of renewables in the power you use to charge your car. 

Offseting individual consumer actions to influence systemic change. That’s our mission.

About Us

Our approach

According to a 2017 study, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions worldwide.

If so few, albeit large, organizations are responsible for so much of the damage we live with today, what can an individual do to make a meaningful impact?

The Active Consumer solution engages a theory from that Econ 101 class you may have slept through, the theory of externalities.

So how do we do it? Our website dives into the world of externalities to discover the obvious (and not so obvious) externalities resulting from consumption. From there, we offer a mobile application (Econus) that empowers consumers to mitigate the externalities associated with their own consumption by offsetting the unintended consequences of their purchases with automatic spare change donations.

By actively engaging with the externalities that result from our consumption consumption, we can take our conscious consumerism to the next level, we can become Active Consumers (see what we did there?)


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Our Team

From Vancouver to Salt Lake City, here’s the team building the platform to spare change our world!

Scott Fletcher

Founder & CEO

Chief Sustainability Geek

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Evan Despault


Senior Software Developer

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Christie Marcy


Content Creation Champion

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Rod Peterson


Marketing Guru

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