How-to draft an eco-friendly blog outline in UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a great tool for those who are starting an eco blog and can’t afford/don’t want to spend the $99-$120/month charged by SEO companies like Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMRush.

It has everything you need to compete with the major players and even includes an AI writer, which takes away the need to sign up for ANOTHER subscription, like MarketMuse.

At $29.99/month, UberSuggest is a wonderful way to find out which of your competitors are currently showing up in the search results for your keywords (aka, ranking for) It also shows you what you’re currently ranking for, what you could be ranking for, and how to go about ranking!

Firstly, let’s find the keywords important to your niche.

Finding your eco-friendly blog keywords

When you first create your account in UberSuggest, you’ll want to add your project and get a site audit going.

eco friendly blog ubersuggest site audit

This will show you how your site is currently ranking.

But if you’re just getting started, there probably won’t be much to see here.

And that’s where doing your keyword research comes in.

Keyword research for eco-friendly blogs in UberSuggest

First things first, you’ll want to dial in on WHO you are writing for and WHY your site will be more interesting than the competition.

If you need help with that, here’s our post on finding your Eco Buyer Persona and planning your eco-friendly website.

Once you have a good idea which keywords are a part of your topic cluster, you can get to the more granular keyword research.

As a fresh site, you’ll be going after long tail keywords (individual keywords, like Sustainable Fashion, are super hard to rank for if you’re just starting out).

Long-tail keywords are those with 3 or 4+ words included in the keyword. How to market a Sustainable fashion for example.

You can find those by clicking Keyword Research on the left hand side and typing in your all-encompassing keyword, like Sustainable Fashion.

keyword research in Ubersuggest

Here you’ll get data on how much this keyword is being searched, how often a result is clicked (and if it’s worth pursuing), and some demographic info (are the searchers aligning with your WHO?).

Go to the section titled View All Keyword Ideas and you’ll see longer tail varieties.

Above the list you’ll also see options to view related keywords, questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

  • As a fresh site, it’s tough to rank right off the bat, so we like to hit the Volume tab, enter FROM 1 TO 10,000.
  • SEO Difficulty tab: select EASY (0-35 *a ranking of difficulty 0-100, 100 being a site like Apple or Google)

This will populate the keywords your new site will have a realistic chance of ranking for!

Now that we know which keywords we want to focus on, it’s time to draft your outline.

Drafting an outline in UberSuggest

On one screen, open up a new Google Doc. Copy this template in the Google sheet and continue on.

In another, open up your UberSuggest account and do the following

  • Click AI Writer from the left hand side
  • Type in the keyword you want to target and hit start
  • Select a Page Title idea that resonates with what your readers would be looking for
  • Do the same with a meta description (don’t worry about the page title and meta description being perfect, we’ll edit them later)
  • Select a heading or two from the options shown. If none of them make sense with what you’re wanting to write in this post, just select the top one and hit “Write for Me

This will auto populate a super basic draft.

We never use much from this auto draft, because the real magic lies in the options on the left side of the screen.

On the left you’ll see an option called View Search Results, click that.

eco friendly blog ubersuggest ai writer

UberSuggest View Search Results

One of the best ways to show Google that you are an authority on a topic is by creating content that’s 10x (10 times) better than the competition. 

This little View Search Results tool does all the research you would need to do for 10x content and does it for you in a matter of seconds.

It auto-populates the search results that are ranking in the first 10 spots and shows you what their H1, H2, H3 tags are (if you’re not sure what H1 and H2s are, read this).

eco friendly blog ubersuggest top SERPs

Click through the top few results. You’ll start to see patterns in the content.

Are there a lot of Listicles? How-to articles? Question and answers?

eco friendly blog ubersuggest top SERP outline

Now think about how you can apply these content sections to your blog post.

How can you add more value for a user than is already provided with the top 10 SERPs?

Creating your outline in Google Sheets

In the Google Sheet you first created, go ahead and copy + paste the Page Title (this is also the H1) in the spot where it says H1.

Replace the H2’s with the topics you want to write about.

If there is something more you want to write about a topic, but it pertains to an existing H2, make it a H3 within that H2.

Now, write a sentence or two about what you’re going to write about.

If you can’t think of anything, feel free to copy + paste the content populated you found in the top ranking pages.

If you do this, highlight the text and make it a different color so you know it is violating copyright and needs to be rewritten.

Recent Ubersuggest update

Ubersuggest now has a “Rewrite Automatically” option. Meaning you can check this option, click “add section”, and Ubersuggest will rewrite the content for you!

Google is wary of AI writers, so they’ve been making some recent updates that rank content higher if it’s obviously written for people (opposed to by computers as filler content). But this is still a great tool, because now all you have to do is edit what Ubersuggest wrote for you.

Any who, once you have the Headings laid out and a sentence or that helps you remember what this blog post is going to be about, you’re ready to start writing!

Remember (and this tip comes from much experience), don’t overthink your writing. The longer the article is, the higher chance your reader will get bored and leave.

500-1,000 words is PLENTY for most topics. So just get something written. Instead of length, think about the value you’re providing a user that they wouldn’t get in a top SERP. Write VERY specifically about that value proposition.

You can edit it once you start getting data on how long readers are reading your posts 🙂

Creating a content plan for your entire website from your UberSuggest outline

If it sounds like a lot to repeat this step for all other keywords, but there’s a hack.

Once you have a couple keywords you want to go after in your topic cluster and have outlined them, wait to outline the rest until you’ve written a rough draft of those posts.

For example

  • The post you’re reading now, “drafting an outline in UberSuggest”, was not found through our keyword research
  • First, our topic cluster research showed that our pillar page should be about How to Start an Eco-friendly business. This walks users through finding out what kind of business they could start, how to register it, how to build a website, how to market a website, etc 
  • Our more granular keyword research showed the keyword Eco-Friendly Websites was being searched 140 times per month. The competing search results had Domain Authorities (DA) similar to ours, which means being shown to those users was totally possible!
  • Rinse and repeat

Rinse and repeat

We continued doing this until we pretty much covered every topic mentioned in each of our articles.

You now have a complete Topic cluster, and Google will start recognizing that after a few months.

So while you’re on this page, take a step back and think about the thoughts you had while reading this.

  • How did you get to this page? Was it a link you clicked somewhere else?
  • Were you interested in any of the other posts we mentioned?
  • Did it feel like a natural read?

This is the benefit of using UberSuggest to find out what others are writing about, then creating better content to rank above them!

Eco-friendly business tips

When writing your content, don’t overthink it.

Get something on “paper” and evaluate it later. Remember, as a new site, you’ll just want to make sure you’re optimizing your content to give your site the best chance of ranking in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Here’s how to grow your eco-friendly blog and get users/customers 🙂

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