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Free marketing for eco entrepreneurs building planet saving businesses

From SEO to AI, Content Marketing to building a website. We’ll help you do it all!

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Eco-friendly entrepreneurship is tough, we’re simplifying that

We provide free tools and marketing resources for eco-friendly entrepreneurs.

From registering your business to creating a social platform, building your own website to mastering content marketing & SEO.

Step-by-step guide to starting your eco-friendly businessMarketing questions? Book a call with our CEO
Sustainable millennial listening to her Spotify Wrapped

2023 Spotify Wrapped | creating a more sustainable music industry

So you listened to 116,983 minutes of music in 2023 ( ~81 days of straight music )? Nice work. We won’t ask if that was 38,994 three minute songs from[…]

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how to live sustainable lives by shopping local and donating

Econus in a nutshell

The gist: ______You know how they ask you if you want to Round-Up to donate at stores like Smiths? Econus is kinda like that, but it donates to the non-profits[…]

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Gen Z environmental influencer

Become an Environmental Influencer

It’s crazy to think that Instagram is less than 15 years old. Back then, you could easily spot an influencer with their 10K+ followers and blue tick mark. The rise[…]

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How it works

Here’s how we can afford to do your marketing, for free

We’re all about being transparent, so here’s our secret.

We also have a marketing firm called Fletch Marketing. The firm realized it would prefer to help Sustainable brands and eco-influencers exclusively. So, we created a susty mobile app and got some investors. The app, it’s called Econus, and it’s a tool to help empaths change the world.

When we help companies like yours, we ask that you check out Econus. If you do, that’s a possible new user, and the Econus investors are happy.

Their happiness means they give us more money, which subsidizes the costs of offering free marketing. Clever, eh ????

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Why now is the perfect time for eco-friendly entrepreneurs to start a business

Did you know that 68% of Gen Z & Millennials consider sustainability before buying something? 47% of them are willing to pay up to 25% more. 51% are loyal to brands with ethical missions.

The sustainable goods market is forecasted to grow from $13.76 billion in ’22 to $51.09 billion in ’29!

consider sustainability

pay more

Loyal to ethical brands

Econus, a must-have tool for all eco-friendly entrepreneurs

Raise money alongside your online community with Econus, a free marketing tool for eco-friendly entrepreneurs looking to make an actual difference.


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While you are on the call, he’ll help you our with any marketing issue your currently facing!

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Create a Persona

A persona tells Econus what causes you believe in most and which non-profits you trust to make a difference.



Once your persona is set, share it with your followers!

Whoever follows your persona will donate to the same non-profits you’ve selected.

Your dashboard will tell you exactly how much money you’ve raised and for which specific causes (free marketing insight )

60-second Econus explainer video