Build an eco-friendly website in 10 minutes

Websites are key for connecting too and monetizing your audience.

They are your central hub,  connecting all your consumer-facing channels (TikTok, IG, Pinterest, etc), with your business’ most important information.

In this post we’re going to show you how to set up an eco-friendly website in 10 minutes.

But first, what even is a website? And how are they connected to the rest of the interwebs?

The basics of a eco-friendly website

Your website needs a home on the internet, and that’s what a web host is for.

Think of your website like your physical home

  • It’s located at one location on the globe: 44.444° N, 55.555° W
    • Longitude, latitude for physical locations like this example
  • It has an address, which is unique to the home and makes it easy to find, like 123 Example St., USA, 12345
  • And it’s made up of a bunch of things; red house, blue door, dinner table, couches, decorations, etc.

Your website is the same

    • It’s located at one location on the globe.
  • This location is simply space on a server that you rent from a web host. This server space can be found with its unique IP address (internet protocol).
  • It’s linked to unique address (your domain name) that makes it easier to find:
  • And it’s made up of a bunch of things; red homepage, blue highlights, blog posts, newsletter call to action, etc.

When someone types in your domain name, the web host automatically populates the web pages, blog posts, etc that are stored on its servers to your users screen.

Unfortunately, it takes a crazy amount of energy to power a server, and the web hosting industry is on track to out-pollute the global airline industry by 2024!

This means that even if you’re promoting a carbon-alternative product/service, your website alone is already leaving a significant carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly websites aren’t just carbon neutral, they’re carbon-negative

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly web hosting services that are not only carbon-neutral, they can be carbon-negative (like!).

For web hosting, we use GreenGeeks and recommend them for all new bloggers because:

For every amp of energy they pull from the grid, they invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy ­­–– meaning your site on GreenGeeks will be 300% renewable.

Installation is insanely easy, customer service is the best around, and your domain name is included with your hosting (saving you the ~$15 bucks/year you’d spend using a service like Google Domains).

Plus, you have 30-days to give it a go or they’ll give you your money back.

Build a eco-friendly website built in less than 10 minutes

To get your website live with GreenGeeks in less than 10 minutes, simply:

  1. Visit GreenGeeks
  2. Choose “WordPress Hosting” on the top menu
  3. Select the “Ecosite Lite” option. It’s only $2.95 per month and is enough to completely power this website
  4. Type in your available domain name to secure it for your website
  5. Fill out your personal information in the order form and create your account
  6. Become familiar with your homepage in GreenGeeks
  7. Install WordPress with the one-click option in your GreenGeeks account –– 24-hour customer service chat can help you with this if you can’t find it

Eco-friendly website next steps

Sweet! You’re now the owner of a carbon-reducing website that’s ready for customization.

Here’s how to customize your eco-friendly website [LINK TO]. Already have a customized site? Jump straight to growth mode ->

  1. Customizing your eco-friendly website [LINK TO]
  2. Create high-value blog content [LINK TO]
  3. Promote your eco blog [LINK TO]
  4. Monetize your eco blog [LINK TO]

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