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Are you a eco-influencer that’s been looking for a deeper way to connect with your community and stand out from all the noise?

We got you.

How it works

We love how many eco-influencers there are nowadays, it’s proof that people really care!

But it also makes it difficult to make your voice heard. For that, there’s



A Persona is a collection of the causes you care about, the purchases that effect those causes, and a non-profit to offset the impact.

Create one that’s tailored for your community.

1-minute explainer



Share your Persona with your community.

As the owner, you’ll be able to track your follower count and the causes your community has raised the most money for.



Now, whenever anyone following your Persona makes a purchase, they’ll be crowdfunding alongside all your other followers to create the REAL CHANGE you want to see!

A quick example:

a) You care about local businesses, b) you link your big box store purchases (like WalMart & Target) to a non-profit that supports local businesses, like SCORE c) whenever anyone following your Persona shops at a big box store, we’ll Round-Up to the nearest dollar and send the spare change to SCORE to assist local businesses!


Security first

We never touch your sensitive banking information. Instead, we’ve partnered with the best in the business.

Learn more about their security standards

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Stand out from the pack by being the first to provide your community with a tangible tool for sustainable living.

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