Econus in a nutshell

The gist:

  • Buy a coffee, donate to The Coffee Trust
  • Buy gas, donate to Moms for Clean Air
  • Buy new clothes, donate to Fashion Revolution

You know how they ask you if you want to Round-Up to donate at stores like Smiths?

Econus is kinda like that, but it donates to the non-profits you actually want to donate too.

You can either create you own “Persona” (where we should send the change based on what you buy) – 10+ minutes

Or you can follow someone else’s – 10+ seconds

Example: We all know the oil industry is terrible. We also know it’s incredibly difficult to only ride public transit. With Econus, you can donate your change from that next tank of gas to a non-profit like Moms for Clean Air. They’ll then use the money to lobby for things like additional electric vehicle subsidies, and thus changing the whole system.

It’s all based on the Theory of Externalities (we wrote a whole thing on it, check it!)

Hit the settings button and set the playback speed to 1.5x to finish the walkthrough in ~2 minutes

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