Live sustainably with Econus: how it works

When it comes to sustainability, things like public transit and avoiding unneccesary shopping are number one. But, when those options aren’t realistic (or that sale is just too good to pass up), there’s Econus.

How it works ↓

Graphic of a young woman recycling her waste

Purchases + causes

Link the purchases you make with the causes you care about most

Young woman living her best life at a end of season sale

Live your best life

Whenever Econus recognizes that you’ve made a purchase that affects your causes, we’ll Round-Up the spare change

A young woman automatically donating spare change move from her phone to her piggy bank

Automatically donate your spare change

At the end of the month, we will automatically donate your spare change to the non-profits you’ve chosen to offset your impact!

Like this ↓

In the following example (3), whenever any clothing is purchased, we donate to Responsibility in Fashion with a note asking them to use the donation to make fashion more sustainable (equal wages, improved conditions, etc)


1) Food + Shopping
2) Gas + Travel
3) Clothing


1) Plastic Pollution Coalition
2) Clean Air Task Force
3) Responsibility in Fashion


1) Waste
2) Air Pollution
3) Sustainable Fashion

Econus, live sustainably: pricing



per month

Best for those making one-time contributions

all-in-one donation station


per month

Best for those looking to reduce their footprint, schedule and manage all their donations, and create multiple crowdfunding campaigns (hello, musicians )

Econus, live sustainably: our approach

Live your best life.

We’ll be in the background offsetting the unintended consequences that come from living it.

Consequences like air pollution from a tank of gas, or waste from a fast food meal.

This video explains it in 60-seconds.

Watch on YouTube

Econus, live sustainably: getting started

In the time it takes to whip up a PB&J sandwich, you’ll be on your way to offsetting your impact and living a more sustainable life!


Getting started

a) download Econus
b) create an account
c) link your card*

download Econus

*using Plaid – same process used by Venmo & Acorns


Create or follow a Persona

A Persona is a collection of the causes you care about, the purchases that affect those causes, and a non-profit to offset the impact.

more on Personas


Live your best life

At the end of each month, your spare change will be tallied and donated based on your active Persona preferences!


Econus, live sustainably: Security first

We never touch your sensitive banking information. Instead, we’ve partnered with the best in the business.

Learn more about their security standards 

Learn more

Support your purpose

Use Econus to support all the causes you’re passionate about, causes like ↴

The environment (via a Persona)

Supporting your favorite non-profits (via one-time, recurring, & Round-Up donations)

Covering your friend’s medical bills (via spare change crowdfunding campaigns)

female millennial choosing her sustainability purpose
female millennial living sustainably by offsetting her consumption


A Round-Up is the spare change collected when we round up your purchases to the nearest dollar. Set a 2x, 3x or 10x multiplier to increase your impact!

Buy a tank of gas for $25.67, we’ll Round-Up to $26 and use the $0.33 in spare change to offset your impact.

With a 3x multiplier, that’d be a $0.99 donation!


A Persona is a collection of the causes you care about most, the purchases that affect those causes, and a non-profit you believe in to offset the impact.

Create your own Persona or follow your favorite eco-influencer’s to crowdfund alongside your tribe!

Whenever we see that you’ve made a purchase that impacts your causes (via your linked card), we’ll Round-Up your spare change and donate it to your chosen non-profit.


– Going on a trip? Buy that tank of gas for $26.27, we’ll Round-Up to $27 and use your $0.73 spare change for things like tighter fuel efficiency standards.

– Need to satisfy a craving? Grab that burger for $12.36, we’ll donate your $0.64 spare change to organizations researching things like meatless alternatives.

The possibilities are (nearly) endless.

female millennial living sustainably by offsetting her driving
female millennial sending her spare change to a friends spare change crowdfunding campaign

One-time, recurring, and crowdfunding contributions

Send one-time, recurring, or Round-Up contributions to the non-profit organizations and crowdfunding campaigns you believe in most.

Set up your one-time and recurring donations to all your favorite non-profits from our simple dashboard.

Send your Round-Ups to your friends spare change crowdfunding campaign to help them get back on their feet.

Econus, live sustainably: Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users are saying:

Yay for the environment!!

This app makes it super easy to minimize the ole footprint. Love how you can pick the organizations that you want to support! We all talk about saving the planet but rarely take next steps. This app makes it easy!!!

woman headshot Econus Reviewer 1


Love this!

This is an amazing idea for sustainability, and a great way for the regular “joe or sue” to help a cause they are passionate about! Highly recommend this!

man headshot Econus Reviewer 2


Great app

Very easy way to contribute to causes you care about. Simple and user friendly. I’m a fan!

woman headshot Econus Reviewer 3


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