Live Sustainably with these 75 tips [ w/ real world comparisons]

We’re all aware that driving less and avoiding plastic straws are great ways to live sustainably. But for those that would like a more concrete answer as to WHY avoiding those types of things are important, we put together a list of 75 ways to live sustainably and their real-world impacts. Whether you’re a zero-waste…
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Sustainable millennial listening to her Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped for the Sustainable folk

So you listened to 116,983 minutes of music this year ( ~81 days of straight music 🤩 )? Nice work. We won’t ask if that was 38,994 three minute songs from and-and-coming artists, or T-Swift’s 10-minute All Too Well played 11,698 times 😂 Did you know there are 45 million paying Spotify listeners (83 M…
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Woman at a Farmers Market

How to Live Sustainable Lives

It’s easier than ever to live sustainable lives. This is in part due to the ‘Sustainable Living’ community, a community that has exploded in popularity over the years. Our awareness of the climate crises we are currently going through has increased drastically and we have witnessed governments implementing new policies to help cut back on…
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